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browser browser no box bar chart call incoming call voicemail call missed call received call phone call hold call outcoming call numbers call no call muted call number call forwarded call end call decline call calling call add question comment minus comment text comment plus comment comment delete comment checked bluetooth no bluetooth broadcast wi fi wi fi no cast broadcasting airplay note folder opened note text folder folder zip folder photo folder plus folder minus folder delete file upload folder music folder create folder checked clipboard text folder cloud folder arrow file clipboard plus file text clipboard minus file shredder file scan file plus file minus file draft file download file delete file create file code file checked clipboard clipboard delete clipboard checked creditcard income creditcard face creditcard add strongbox ethereum wallet creditcard scan paypass creditcard creditcard outcome creditcard no bitcoin coffee egg icecream chicken bread avocado ipad laptop iphone server monitor mobile memory card floppy flash card devices battery battery no battery 40 battery 80 battery 60 battery charging battery 20 battery 100 select area segment stack 1 text stack rotate right sidebar left sidebar right select ruler rotate left grid row 3 block align bottom block align left padding layout kanban iframe grid grid small grid slides grid row 2 block align horizontally grid row 2 copy grid frame grid dynamic grid col 3 grid col 2 grid 6 frame elements edit shape break page block distribute vertically block distribute horizontally block align vertically block align top block align right apps compass direction 45 direction route radar pin pin start pin round pin question pin no pin add panorama map map pin location location location no globe 360 player fast forward volume volume off volume no shuffle volume low volume high repeat tuner sound wave player list player fast back record radio queue player stop player stop circle player skip forward player skip back player play player play pause player play circle player pause player pause circle player list play player list add music note eject artist equalizer music library listen later add to library cd alert triangle bell add app notification x octagon question circle minus octagon info bell bell no bell minus bell checked bell alert alert octagon alert circle shocked sad neutral smile laughing verified verified copy unlock shield shield ok lock no lock circle key shield no shield lock lock key no tote filter pos gift tag coupon cart cut coupon discount delivery basket bag cloud no cloud checked cloud download terminal database code cloud cloud upload cloud connect сс0 dribbble behance сс youtube twitter peace linkedin command instagram hash google gitlab github facebook at sign alarm plus calendar delete alarm no watch timer time time history stopwatch calendar calendar plus calendar minus alarm minus calendar dates calendar create calendar checked alarm alarm snooze alarm checked brightness high sun toy horse pocket atom rocket bone planet nut moon lightbulb items infinity form cup crosshair cross contrast brightness low cc cc0


This is the base Jekyll theme. You can find out more info about customizing your Jekyll theme, as well as basic Jekyll usage documentation at

You can find the source code for Minima at GitHub: jekyll / minima

You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll / jekyll